Empowering people, strengthening organisations

The challenges facing organisations are huge!

Innovation and transformation are keys to address them
We must ACT NOW !

We bring together forward-thinking professionals from multiple organisations with common challenges to foster the development of sustainable solutions that address today’s problems

Digital transformation, employee engagement, innovation culture, management and leadership, diversity & inclusion, CSR, inter-generational collaboration, change management, learning and career development…
Any organisation faces these challenges. How can we better meet them?

Our non-profit association accompanies and equips organisations to embrace transformation to reach sustainable performance.
That’s why our Think & Do Tank offers learning journeys, field experiments, group coaching as well as networking with an innovation-driven community

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Join AgileMinded,

the learning community that spans multiple organisations

for forward-thinking professionals and change-makers who want to…


Build powerful connections and create synergistic networks with professionals from diverse backgrounds


Share perspectives and experiences with peers from different sectors and backgrounds and gain precious insights


Leverage your learnings to adopt operational actions within your own organisation that will secure a sustainable impact


In our interconnected world, organisations and people need to constantly evolve, adapt and transform how they work to stay relevant and competitive in a sustainable manner

Making this change internally is difficult and often too short-sighted. How can we create sustainable change in organisations whilst developing a learning-culture based on creativity, curiosity and agility? 

We are convinced that together we are more efficient, that we should unite our strengths and our different perspectives to manage the same complex challenges we are all facing in our respective organisations

This is why we created this learning community that spans multiple organisations, boundaries and ways of working. The aim is to accelerate and enrich a collaborative and sustainable approach through co-creation and sharing, allowing each organisation to adopt fresh ideas and new perspectives.   The members of this community will continue to build on these ideas, the multiple perspectives and the different experiences to disrupt and accompany their organisations as collaboration evolves


Why should you be part of this?

To develop your internal value proposition and entrepreneurial approach thanks to the intelligence of this business community

What will this look like?

A series of interactive forums where you can exchange with other businesses on common challenges and issues and co-create robust solutions that you can test in your organisations straight away

Who will be there?

Any change-maker, leader or team leader who wants to move the needle on innovation and transformation culture  

How will we do it?

Through a diversity of hybrid and remote formats, from networking to hands-on application: learning journeys, open innovation labs, co-development groups, learning expeditions…


To develop a sustainable collaborative and agile approach in the organisations of our members
To become the benchmark for collaborative relationships spanning organisations at global
To contribute to the development of new operating models in organisations

Do you have an idea or a question? Do you want to find out more?