Our learning journeys



We work together on subjects that add value to your business and increase your efficiency

  • Leadership and human capital
  • Collaboration to foster collective intelligence
  • Innovation at the heart of your strategy
  • Agility as a lever for change

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Co-development between organisations

Based on the co-development methodology, an organisation (‘client’) benefits from the advice and recommendations of other organisations (‘consultants’) on one of its issues. Client and consultants change roles for each session. The 2h30-meetings take place every 3 weeks

e-learning expedition

Join a remote or hybrid learning journey, and meet truly inspiring organisations during half-day ‘tours’. Workshops between 2 visits enable you to reflect on the encounter and define how to deploy operationally. Sessions are spaced out for you to get a chance to leverage on the learning

Journey Management 3.0

Progress with your group of peers during four 3h-meetings with co-creation, collective intelligence and action plan. You will work on the 4 key themes to address your fundamental challenges. Sessions take place every 3 weeks

Thematic journey

Come and deepen your understanding and practices on one specific theme during four 2h30-meetings. Each session allies co-creation and analysis to support the implementation in your organisation. Sessions take place every 3 weeks

Community of Practice

Join your community and meet regularly throughout the year (e.g. 1h30 per month) to jointly build a collective analysis on your daily challenges to structure operational responses

Your specific needs

Contact us to discuss your specific issues. We will provide you with an initial assessment. You will then be able to decide whether you would like to build together a made-to-measure solution


Articulate your challenges and context: issues, environment, availability, leeway to deploy…
Based on the outcome of this diagnostic, join a made-to-mesure journey: co-development groups, Community of Practice, themed journeys, e-Learning Expedition, Innovation Lab…
Become a member of a community, which is a group of professionals from non-competing organisations having common challenges (similar issues and level of responsibility)

Follow a learning journey with group sessions at regular intervals, whether remotely or in person
During each group session, be enriched by a collaborative approach combining inspiration, creation and definition of actionable solutions
Leverage on your action plan and your learning by experimenting in your organisation between sessions
During each session, exchange with group members and enrich your network

An online platform enables you to interact with the community as a whole over the course of the whole journey
Additional individual or group coaching at any point of the journey. e.g. in deploying the learning internally and spreading the approach across the organisation


  • Be enriched by the various experiences, backgrounds and perspectives from professionals coming from other organisations
  • Develop differentiated solutions and address your issues more effectively thanks to the support of the community
  • Benefit from tangible action plan to be tested immediately in your organisation and from the support of the community
  • Maintain a dialogue with the community at large via an online platform to keep on progressing
  • Step back from the shackles of your usual work environment, while ensuring complete confidentiality

Far from business clubs, leaders clubs, trade clubs, commissions or platforms, the community is characterised by the collaborative interaction between very diverse profiles, a direct involvement in the subjects of investigation and the focus on addressing the underlying issues. Members of a given group join together on common stakes, issues and seniority to accelerate transformation and innovation

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