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Join a learning journey to catalyse the transition in your organisation!

Join our current Learning Expeditions (LEX):

How to rethink your digital transformation in light of the pandemic?
How to infuse more collaborative and more agile practices?
How to set up an effective innovation approach?

Our atypical LEX formats to more impactful

Rediscover LEX: our formats perfectly meet today’s constraints!

Présentiel et virtuel

Virtual or hybrid journeys:

* to meet truly inspiring organisations even if they are geographically dispersed

* to optimise your travel time and your budget

inspiration action

A mix of inspiration and discovery with times of analysis and workshops:

* to discover and anchor the learning

* to get into action and progress step by step


Meetings staggered over time:

* to allow you to experiment between 2 sessions and then discuss and address your questions during the following session

* to better fit into your busy schedule

A standard LEX is an initiatory journey in a group of one to several days, anywhere in the world, to discover other companies, cultures, worlds or ways of doing, thinking, working and living.

It therefore allows you to immerse yourself in environments very different from your own to take a step back from your habits.

This journey, which combines discovery, inspiration, learning and analysis, has the main objective of rethinking its models and giving ourselves the keys to building the business of tomorrow.

It is a powerful process for acting on mental patterns, building a collective and inspiring strategic directions or concrete and experimental actions.

Our advices to make the most of your LEX

To set clear individual and collective goals
To be willing to learn
To agree to step out of your comfort zone
To analyse, experiment, iterate and try again
To be aware of the profound impacts on the ways of thinking and organization that can take place

Key points

A network to build and develop

Participants of our expeditions belong to the same team or to several departments of a given company, or of several companies.
You can thus stimulate the collective intelligence or benefit from cross-perspectives

Themes suited to the objectives

The expedition is built around a theme at the initiative of the group or the management that mandates the expedition or it can be suggested to you

Visits take place in organisations that make sense with the chosen theme

Meetings staggered over time

Our courses are organised over time around visits and workshops to debrief and get into action.
The advantages: the trip is more easily compatible with your diary; debriefs allow you to analyse your practices and reflect on your learning; unlike the usual LEXs, you can experiment between 2 visits and you are to address your questions and remove the blockages that you faced during the following meeting

Face-to-face, virtual or hybrid formats

Our hybrid routes offer F2F and virtual journeys: you can therefore meet companies from various backgrounds and in different geographic areas within the same expedition, without even leaving home!

Collaborative and agile approach

Meetings and debriefs are facilitated to offer you a complete experience: workshops, brainstorming sessions, feedback are orchestrated to share feedback and analysis, to reflect and stimulate new ideas. Depending on the objectives, you can also benefit from experts talks, interviews, role plays, etc.

Tangible results thanks to a tailor-made design

Our discovery and learning formats are created to meet your needs and expectations while integrating your constraints: from learning stages to debriefing, collective workshops or innovation events … The process, pace, methodology and tools are chosen to obtain tangible results

Rely on us and enjoy an unforgettable and productive experience!

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