Who are we?

We are a group of professionals driven by a partnership and collaborative approach who strongly believe that working closely together will enable us to discover, develop and deliver the best value for all stakeholders

We interact at individual, team and organisation levels – working altogether with employees, external partners across the value chain and the ecosystem as a whole to optimise the company’s global performance. We provide support to all organisations, private or public, regardless of its size, whether within the company, in a peer group or in a community

Sharing, co-construction and learning are an integral part of our development process so that our clients can develop in an independent and sustainable manner

Our coordinators who work with many very committed and dynamic facilitators, coaches, designers…


irene arroupe

Agile Coach. Supporting innovation-driven transformations

Founder and business leader at BeInnov and AgileMinded

For people and organisations to flourish and perform in a complex ever-changing digital world, they need to continuously question themselves, innovate and adapt

I am convinced that the challenge of the 21st century lies in our ability to work in a collaborative and agile manner to innovate and adapt continuously, and thus meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. For nearly 20 years, I hence support people and organisations to drive innovation-driven transformations. Creating such momentum requires to work simultaneously on mindset, competencies and practices, but also on governance and operating systems, at both individual and collective levels. The keys for success rely on a deeply collaborative and agile approach anchored on a shared vision but also on curiosity, respect, trust and accountability

I am specifically involved in building network and fostering interactions between organisations, as I am convinced that mixing people, industries and perspectives is a critical driver for innovation and change


Patrice Fornalik

Executive Coach, Agile Coach and trainer
Support agile transformations
Founder Ekilium and AgileMinded

Throughout my career in the industry sector, I have seen the importance of human and cultural factors in the implementation of managerial transformations and in group interactions as well as the impact of motivation, respect for personal values and adherence to company values for projects to succeed.
I support organizations in their cultural and agile transitions, during the implementation of new forms of organization. I encourage management that promote responsibility, autonomy, transparency and rely on a trustful relationship to mobilize collective intelligence .


A collective response pooling diverse experiences and perspectives enables sustainable growth and boost individual and collective performance


To implement a dynamic of collaboration and learning to catalyse innovation, facilitate change and foster sustainable performance in organisations


To develop a sustainable collaborative and agile approach in the organisations of our members
To become the benchmark for collaborative relationships spanning organisations at global
To contribute to the development of new operating models in organisations


Respect: diversity and human wealth
Humility: ability to question oneself and willingness to learn from others
Integrity: confidentiality and transparency
Collaboration: human and partnership
Excellence: competence, quality and efficiency


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