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Dominique Pon

Director of the Pasteur Clinic, ministerial digital transformation leader and 'love-driven' manager

Dominique Pon supports Agile Minded !

Managing Director of the Clinique Pasteur in Toulouse for 10 years, Dominique Pon is also strategic manager of digital transformation in health at the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. 
Founder of Santé-Cité, a national cooperative of independent clinics, he has also initiated Hi-Lab, a start-up accelerator in e-health. 

He has created Eternesia, an association aimed at recording digitally all human memories in the world heritage of humanity through time 
Tireless, he also works on other initiatives…

While he is very involved in digital transformation, he’s convinced of the importance of people relationship  and advocates a management based on trust and love

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Eslie & Jean Barret-Castan

The builders of a new horizontal managing model

Jean Barret-Castan founded CoperBee in 2011 with his wife Eslie. This innovative service company is based on a collaborative and horizontal model that brings together women and men who are IT experts.

CoperBee supports digital transformation in organisations. They accompany their customers of all business areas, in the innovation, design or optimisation projects for their Information System. The collaborative approach is an integral part of the company’s DNA! This is expressed in the tools and service offering that CoperBee offers, but also in the way it operates on a daily basis.

This is why CoperBee is supporting Agile Minded collective intelligence approach. CoperBee adheres with the idea of ​​pooling the experiences, skills and experiences of members of the community for each party to progress at both  collective and individual level.

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Jean-François Zobrist

The pioneer of the freedom-form company in Europe

In 1983, without any management experience, Jean-François Zobrist became Managing Director of Favi, a Picardy foundry with 80 employees, which were 600 when he left in 2009. His company has become a benchmark in the automotive, food and health industries, producing a cash flow of over 20% for more than 30 years.

He has invented a new managerial approach based on common sense, which the theorist Isaac Getz called the ‘freedom-form’ company: ensuring the happiness of its employees to guarantee the results of the company and use the right means to allow this happiness at work.

Jean-François gives his backing to Agile Minded initiative that opens new fields of investigations and enables the collective elaboration of actionable solutions

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Kareen Maya-Levy

The Keen of sustainable white goods

We live in a world that is constantly changing … As soon as an object is broken or old-fashioned, we replace it. By dint of consuming, climate change is now a great threat for all of us and for any businesses. Since changing is a habit, kippit helps us to change by imagining the household appliance that is no longer thrown away.

kippit integrates the collaborative approach on a daily basis: within the company, with its suppliers, with those who produce the white goods… Respecting the people and the world around us is in our power!

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The community for those committed to building a sustainable and inclusive world

For 10 years, makesense creates collective mobilisation tools and programs to enable everyone to take action and build an inclusive and sustainable society.

Initially a citizens’ movement, makesense has gradually grown, reaching out to entrepreneurs and organisations. Because makesense is convinced that we all have a role to play in the transition.

Key figures:
– More than 400 organizations supported
– 8,000 entrepreneurial projects supported
– 130,000 engaged citizens
– The makesense team: 120 employees in 7 countries

A community itself, makesense adheres to the learning community approach of Agile Minded

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